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Adult Coaching

Servers and Returners

A session aimed at new players or players returning to the game. The session goes through the basics of the game and begins to link them into game scenarios without feeling too competitive.

Drills and Matchplay Sessions

This session involves a variety of drills and exercises that will work on a range of areas within the doubles game with an opportunity to put the new techniques and tactics into practice in a game situation.


                                                   Junior Coaching

Tots Tennis

Ages 3-4 years old – Fun skills session designed to work on the key fundamentals of tennis including balance, agility and coordination as well reception and sending skills.

Junior Squads

Ages 11 and above – Players improve their tactical and technical skills to allow them to play both competitively and socially.

Mini Red

Ages 5-8 years old – Tennis played on small courts with smaller rackets and bigger tennis balls. This allows the players to learn the game on a smaller scale developing their ability to rally and move like a tennis player.

Mini Orange

Ages 8-9 years old – Played on ¾ of the court with softer balls which allows the players to develop their tactics further and improve their understanding of how to play matches.

Mini Green

Ages 9-10 years old – Full court tennis with slightly slower tennis balls to allow the players to develop their technical and tactical play. This stage is the final transition to the faster yellow  ball.

Sessions are on Monday to Thursday after school. Please enquire to discuss the best group for your child.

Head Coach: Matt Marlow

Club Coach: Alex Beattie

Club Coach: Ben O'Hara

Club Coach: Kevin Tucker

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